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A quick Insight on the common causes of failing and broken Windows

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Windows are the first line of defence for any home, and they prevent you from a lot of abuse throughout the course of the year. Window damage isn’t unusual, as they are subjected to a wide range of weather conditions including intense heat, cold, rain, snow and ice. There are still unexpected situations that may require a need for new windows or a quick glass window replacement,

Cracks in windows –  Even the tiniest of cracks can cause your home to waste a significant amount of energy. A window can be damaged in a variety of ways, from natural causes to accidents.   The decision is usually do you repair or replace the windows.

Damage to a Window’s Glass

Even though our homes are subjected to some of the a variety of weather and other potential impacts throughout the year, we all want our windows to remain intact. New technology makes it easier to ensure that your windows will last a long time, but the elements, temperature changes, wear and tear, and other factors all have the potential to damage them.

Always conduct a thorough inspection of your windows to make sure that they are in good condition and that you are not wasting energy.

When should you consider getting your windows repaired or replaced?

Climate & temperature

Temperature and climate are common contributors to window damage. Cracks grow in your windows as a result of exposure to changing temperatures and weather.   Double Glazed or insulated glass can suffer from pressure cracks which can end up with you needing to replace the window.

The Weather

If a branch from a falling tree comes in contact with your windows, check to see if anything is damaged. Repair or replace your windows immediately if you discover any little dents or cracks or if the window has broken.

Moisture is another way that the weather can have an effect on your windows. Moisture can get into unseen gaps between the frame and the glass.  Ideally you can get the glass replaced as soon as possible before any long term damage is caused.

Poorly Installed Windows

Most windows companies offer at least 10 year guarantees for their glass and window installations.  Over the years we have all heard horror stories about double glazing companies offering the world then going bankrupt.  Some of these companies will have cut corners and not installed the windows properly causing them to fail way before the guarantee promised when they were first installed

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