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Bifold Doors: Connect Inside and Outside Living Space

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We’ve worked with lots of private homeowners, renovators, and builders over the years, helping clients all over the Wirral choose the best possible bi-fold door products for their space and budget. 

Having built up such a solid chunk of professional experience supplying and fitting them for our customers, we’ve answered some of your most frequent questions about our advanced bifolding doors.

What are bifold doors?

Bifold doors are a set of doors which are hinged to concertina when sliding open, folding flat to create an unobstructed space. They’re becoming hugely popular as an alternative to other types of patio door, or for flexibility when planning indoor spaces.

Do I need a bottom track for bifold doors?

Bi-folding doors don’t actually need to have a track along the floor, and can be hung without one. Opening the door doesn’t leave behind a lip or join, so internal spaces can connect seamlessly. 

It also means that your inside living areas merges with the outdoors for a luxurious sense of space and light. That said, we usually recommend using a weather seal threshold for exterior bifolding doors.

What types of finish are available for bifolding doors?

There’s actually a huge amount of variety to choose from when picking out bifolding doors for your space – probably more choice than most people think. They can be made from uPVC, timber, or metal, in an impressive array of colours and finishes. Great news for those wondering how to find  bifolding doors to suit their décor!

Are bi-folding doors draughty?

Just like with conservatories, bi-fold doors are often assumed to be cold and draughty (or hotter than the sun). Fortunately, the technology for both has moved on considerably these days! The glazed bifold doors which we supply are highly thermal efficient and have advanced sealing systems. 

This means that when the doors are closed, they provide an effective barrier to noise, weather, and expensive heating bills.

Do bi-fold doors have to open all the way?

Just like any door in your home, your bifold doors can be left part open if you wish. It’s also worth noting that bifolding doors fold in pairs. The beauty of this is that joining an uneven number of panels in a set of doors leaves one panel which can be opened and closed more like a regular door. It can be massively useful whilst the doors are closed, particularly in high-traffic parts of the home. 

Are bifolding doors secure?

Though bifolding doors are hinged at multiple points, they also lock at multiple points. This secures each panel that makes up the set, so they’re as secure as other types of patio or external door. 

We take pride in providing reliable, efficient service and high-quality products and work to our customers. If you’d like to learn more about our products and services, use our form to request a call-back or for a quote, or call us today on 0151 638 0909.