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Can I Replace the Roof on My Conservatory?

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The good news is that yes, you can replace your conservatory roof without replacing your entire conservatory. We can even make repairs to your existing conservatory, including replacement windows, if that’s all you need.

Can I get a more energy efficient conservatory roof?


Advancements in double glazing technology mean that conservatories and orangeries are far more energy efficient these days. 

To really maximise the efficiency of an older conservatory, replacing its roof with a highly thermal efficient glass roof, or even a solid roof, works wonders. 

It will improve the overall insulation of the structure. This means that your conservatory will still be comfortable, even in the heat of summer or chill of winter. 

It’s great news for the usability of the space, turning your conservatory into an extension of your home.

Will a solid conservatory roof look better?Solid Conservatory Roof

There’s a truly impressive range of styles available for conservatories, including how they look at roofline.

Which one you decide to go for is entirely down to personal taste and needs. There’s no right or wrong answer. 

Solid conservatory roofs can be styled to match the existing roofline of your home. This way, your conservatory blends in with the rest of the house, giving the illusion of an extension.

Glass-roofed conservatories allow more light to enter the space. It’s just a question of needs and preferences.

Can I still put windows in a solid conservatory roof?

Absolutely! Because a solid conservatory roof is built on the same principles as the roof of your house, it’s still possible to fit windows into it.

This way you can maximise more of the thermal efficiency that a solid roof provides, whilst also letting in that lovely light.

What’s the most private kind of conservatory roof?

Protecting our privacy is important to all of us. If your conservatory is overlooked by other homes, or even from the upper levels of your house, there are still solutions.

Highly energy-efficient glass is available with various tints and reflective surfaces which still let the light in.

A solid roof maximises the level of privacy you can enjoy whilst using your conservatory.

Do I need planning permission to install a solid conservatory roof?

Because your conservatory is already an existing structure, you don’t need to get planning permission to change the type of roof on it.

But, like any changes you make to your home, the materials and build quality will need to comply with building regulations. 

We take our reputation for quality work seriously, and we’ll only install a new conservatory roof that complies with the rules! 

We’ll also make sure that your new roof is appropriate for the structure supporting it. This might mean that other adjustments are necessary. 

Simply adding a new roof on top of the existing one will increase the amount of weight pressing down on the conservatory.

Instead, we’ll review exactly what you need to be as safe and comfortable as possible when we quote for the replacement of your conservatory roof.

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