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Fixing Common Problems with the Windows in your Home

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We’ve been supplying and installing new windows around the Wirral and North West for years, so we’ve seen more than our fair share of faulty windows. 

We share two of the most frequent problems we come across on our window-replacing travels, as well as some tips for avoiding issues or making repairs.


What can I do about my draughty windows? 

Whilst older window panes can lose some heat to outside, drafts are a different matter. Unless there’s an obvious crack in the glass itself, a draughty window is often a sign of issues with or around the frame. 

Wooden window frames go through seasonal changes, where the wood contracts or expands according to the temperature. This movement can cause gaps where the wood is no longer quite flush. Self-adhesive window seals can be a handy short-term solution, but you may need to consider replacing the frames if the problem is particularly bad.

If you have window frames made from other materials, such as uPVC, then start by checking the seals around the part of the window that opens and closes. These can become worn and decompress so that they’re less effective over time. Fortunately, if it is just the seals which are a problem, these can be replaced fairly easily. With uPVC windows it’s also well worth checking that the window vent is closed, in particularly cold or windy weather! 

You might also examine the sills and area around the frame, where it connects to the wall. The caulking (a material used to seal joints or seams, such as windows or skirting boards) can crumble and fall away, leaving small gaps which might seem like nothing, but can allow the chill to seep in.  


Why doesn’t my window open and close properly?

There are lots of possibilities, but there are a few basic checks to run through to see if those grating or sticky windows can be easily fixed. 

Painting the woodwork in your home is notorious for causing issues with wooden frames. This can be anything from the window being closed before the paint has fully dried (and sealing it shut!), or an overly thick layer of paint causing excessive friction. A good sandpapering often fixes the issue – just remember to clean the dust away after!

In other types of window, check the track that the window sits as well as around the hinges and edges. Dust and debris can build up causing the window to grate or stick as it moves. Clean it out with a soft cloth, and keep the hinges lubricated to help them move more easily. 

After long periods of time (or exuberant use) handles can sometimes loosen on uPVC windows too, which can cause the handle to catch as you try to open it. Tightening these with a screwdriver (you might need to remove the screw head cap first) usually fixes this.

Giving the windows in your home a bit of care and attention can prolong their usable lifespan, keeping your home comfortable and safe for longer. Unfortunately, even the very best materials won’t last forever. We supply and install windows to rigorously high standards, and take pride in the integrity of our work.

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