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How to get more natural light in your house

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When it comes to increasing the amount of natural light in your home, there are a number of things you can do and routes you can take. 

First, let’s take a look at some of the more simple, quick fixes that can be executed easily and at a relatively low cost (especially if you’re thrifty with your interior decor or a dab hand at upcycling!) 


Consider your colour palette carefully

If you’re lusting after a bright, airy interior then you’re going to want to stick to light colours and neutral tones – think whites, beiges, greys, pale blues and barely-there greens. 

And yes, there is some method (and science) behind this theory because light colours reflect the light, helping it bounce around the room and fill your home. Dark colours, on the other hand, will absorb the light and soak up any natural light that does make its way indoors. 

Using satin or gloss paints will also help boost the reflective credentials of your wall and ceiling paint. 


Add more reflective surfaces

In this same way bright and pale colours will help more natural light reflect around your interior, so will shiny surfaces like mirrors, glass decor, metallic accents, etc. Consider this when finessing your interior design scheme to support the quality of natural light in your home. 


Keep your windows clean and in good condition

This one goes without saying but cleaning your windows (inside and out) on a regular basis will help more natural light leak in. Making sure your window frames, window panes and glazing are all in good condition will also help reduce things like condensation and mould which will prevent light from coming in. 

Now, let’s take a look at some other larger-scale options you’ve got to allow more natural light in your home. 

Supersize your windows (or add in new windows)

Another way to increase the amount of natural light in your home is to increase the size of your existing windows or add in new windows where there currently aren’t any. This could even mean introducing skylights on your roof or ceiling to boost the amount of overhead light coming in. 


Replace solid doors or walls with glass alternatives

Natural light will never be able to penetrate through solid walls and doors so if you’re looking to up the ante, it might be time to consider something like glass patio doors or bifold doors. 

Of course, the latter is a bigger investment project that will need to be carefully considered and discussed with professionals but installing glass doors has the potential to truly transform your living environment.


Consider a conservatory or orangery extension

For those with bigger budgets, there’s always the option to extend your home out into a conservatory or an orangery. For optimal natural light, we’d recommend going for a conservatory as these are constructed with more glass than orangeries, which typically have brick walls and a brick base. 

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