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How to know if a composite door is right for your home

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Composite doors are a scorching hot topic in the world of home design right now, popular for both refurbs and new build developments. Here on the Wirral, they’re the pick of local celebrities and excited first-time buyers alike.  

But are composite doors all about the aesthetic of the moment and ticking that all-important trend box? Let’s explore, so that you can come to a verdict on whether or not a composite door is right for your humble abode. 

First though, we want to give you a bit composite-based context and answer a question that many of our customers come to us with: 


What are composite doors made of?

A composite door is a door that has been made using a mixture of different materials, fused together under high-pressure conditions to form one robust product. 

That’s where composite doors differ from uPVC doors – a uPVC door is made purely from plastic, while a composite door combines multiple materials. 

These layers typically include a solid timber core, insulating foam, reinforced frame, and high-performance GRP (glass reinforced plastic) or durable uPVC to create a skin around the exterior. This outer layer comes available in a number of different colours and can perfectly mimic a classic wood grain finish. 

This means that composite doors have a number of advantages over uPVC – and other types of single-material doors out there on the market. Now, let’s take a look at these benefits in a little more detail.


Reasons to choose a composite door

If you’re on the fence, um-ing and ah-ing over a new composite door for your house, here are a few great reasons to give it the go-ahead:

It’ll look great for a long, long time – The GRP skin won’t fade easily in the sun or daylight so your door will remain in mint condition for many years to come and require little-to-no maintenance. 

GRP is also coloured all the way through so even if it does dent or scratch, you’d have to have a super keen eye to see it! 

These credentials make composite doors ideal for older people not looking to invest much time or energy into the upkeep of their home, as well as appealing to young homeowners or busy families who want to invest in something durable that will preserve cash in the long run.

The benefits of timber without any of the hassle – Traditional solid timber doors are known to warp and swell in heat and humidity. Although timber is used in the construction of a composite door, the addition of other materials counteracts the aggro of warping. 

Thanks to composite material maintaining its shape so well, a composite door also has an impressive lifespan, as well as being able to prevent draughts and dampness much more efficiently than alternative options. 

They’re safe as houses – It goes without saying that a composite door won’t be totally indestructible but they are extremely secure, particularly when compared to less hardwearing options like uPVC and wood. 

So, for those of you out there looking for something that is going to be as safe as it is sturdy, we’d definitely recommend a composite door as the perfect addition to the front or back of your home.

Have we managed to convince you yet? Get in touch to find out more about our Wirral-based composite door installation services!