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How to tell when double glazed windows need replacing

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Kids kicked a football through the window and smashed it by accident? That’s a sure sign you need to replace your windows, double glazed or not. 

If your windows are still all in one piece though, it’s not always quite so easy to know when the time’s right to replace them. 

Having seen our fair share of double glazed windows in poor condition over the years, we wanted to share some of the most common signs it’s time to get new windows fitted. 

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How do I know if my double glazing needs replacing?

A question a great deal of our customers ask on a regular basis. Here’s our advice:

You’re feeling the draught – Having to double-up on socks and noticed a hike in your utility bills? It could be that the seal around your double glazing has come away and is letting a chill in. 

Your window panes are chipped or cracked – This one goes without saying but if your windows are visibly damaged, even if they’re not completely shattered, the function and security of your double glazing will be compromised. 

You can’t get rid of the condensation between the glass – This suggests that your double glazing is pretty old or that the window seal has failed, creating pockets of moisture between the panes that cause damp and issues with insulation. 

There’s water leaking in through your windows – If you’ve noticed water dripping or pooling around your window, it could be the case that the seal has failed, or that the drain holes have been blocked. 

Sometimes, this is a quick-fix job that can rescue your existing windows for another few years. In other instances, where leaking water is a more significant issue, or where damage is more extensive, replacing the windows would be the better option. 


Less common signs your windows need replacing:

Your furniture has started to fade – If your windows are very old, they probably won’t offer much protection against UV, which means the colour of your curtains, soft seating and carpets could start to fade when the sunlight shines through.

You’ve noticed an increase in noise – Older windows won’t have much in the way of acoustic control either, so you might find noise levels from inside and outside the house are undesirably high. 

You’ve noticed rot around your windows – Where leaking water or condensation have been left to become a bigger issue, you’ll often find extensive damp will have caused the build-up of rot and mould. 

These not only compromise your windows, they’re also a risk to health that will need addressing. 


How often should double glazing be replaced?

In theory, double glazed windows should last you a good 20-30 years without issue, especially if you get a reputable company – like us! – to fit them for you. 

However, if you notice any of the tell-tale signs above happening before then, your windows may very well need replacing earlier. 

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