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Things to consider before getting a conservatory roof replacement

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A new roof on your conservatory isn’t like picking out colours for your bedroom walls or selecting cushions for your sofa – it’s a home investment that requires serious research and consideration before pressing the green button.  

In this blog post, we encourage you to think about four super important factors before you embark on your roof replacement project, including:

  • Why you’re wanting to carry out the project in the first place. 
  • If there’s any damage to your conservatory that needs remedying first. 
  • How your roof could help make your home more energy efficient. 
  • The aesthetic finish of your conservatory. 


Why do you want a new roof on your conservatory?

When investing in a project like this, it’s important to really understand why you want to do it and what you’re hoping to achieve at the end. This will then inform things like style choices, features and how much budget you need to set aside. 

Some common reasons why people choose to update their conservatory with a new roof are:

  • To add value to the home. 
  • To enhance the property with better acoustics. 
  • To repair damage or update an old design. 
  • To update the glass technology. 
  • To make the conservatory more robust and secure. 


Is there any damage to your conservatory that needs fixing first?

As with anything relating to home improvement and exterior design, you need to start a conservatory roof replacement project with solid foundations. 

Before you can install a new roof, you’ll need to assess your existing conservatory for damage. This could encompass anything from weather damage to general wear and tear.

Some repair and maintenance that might need to be done as part of the roof replacement include fixing: 

  • Damaged or old Polycarbonate sheets
  • Leaking box gutters 
  • Dirty or blocked gutters 
  • Missing leaf guards 
  • Damaged gutter brackets 
  • Missing trims 
  • Misted double glazed units 


Could your home be more energy efficient?

Before deciding on the type of roof you’re going to install on your conservatory, we advise considering the ways in which you could use this as an opportunity to make your home more energy efficient. 

When you replace your existing conservatory roof with a solid roof, for example, you’ll benefit from a boost in thermal efficiency. This is thanks to the additional layers of insulation and non-transparent design. 

With a solid roof, your conservatory can become a cosy sanctuary during the winter and a cool, airy space during the summer. Year-round temperature regulation will also help manage your utilities more economically and keep the cost of your energy bills down. 

How do you want your conservatory to look?

A solid conservatory roof will come in a whole array of styles and colours for you to choose from. Think about your aesthetic ambitions for the finished look but also how to best compliment the rest of the home. 

We would always recommend going for a style and colour that matches the rest of the house seamlessly so that the conservatory looks like a permanent and cohesive part of the exterior design. 

If you think you might be looking to sell your home further down the line, we would suggest opting for a universal and timeless aesthetic that will appeal to a wide audience and be easily adapted to a diverse range of interior styles.  

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