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What are fascia boards and why do I need them?

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Fascia boards are an integral part of roofing structures but not something that everybody knows all that much about. 

In this article, we shine the Perfect Wirral spotlight on fascia boards so that you can brush up on your knowledge, know what to look out for, and find out more about how we can support your next roofing project. (Pun totally intended.) 

First, for those wondering… 


What is a fascia board?

A fascia board is the continuous, straight board that runs along the lower edge of a roof.  

Fascia boards are mounted where the roof and outer wall meet, which is often referred to by those in the trade as the ‘roofline’. 

They’re one of those things you come across every single day but if it came up in the general knowledge segment of a pub quiz, you probably wouldn’t know the name of it – but now you do! 

It’s important to note here that fascia boards are different to soffit boards. You’ll typically find the latter tucked away under the former, with both performing different functions and offering different benefits. 


What is the purpose of a fascia board?

Fascia boards have three main roles when it comes to exterior design:

Keeping moisture out – Fascia boards help prevent water from leaking into the building and inside the roof. 

Supporting structural elements – Fascia boards often support the bottom row of slates and tiles, as well as guttering. 

Creating a neat and tidy finish – Fascia boards certainly have essential functions but they also influence the aesthetic of the building. They make for a great, multi-purpose finishing touch. 


Our 10-step installation process

We’ve devised a 10-step process that enables us to make sure that every fascia board replacement we carry out is nothing short of ‘Perfect’ – including yours. 

  1. First things first, a portable scaffolding system is put in place. 
  2. Removal of the bottom row of tiles so we can trim back any damaged or rotting felt, and replace with fresh felt wherever necessary. 
  3. Existing fascia boards and soffit boards are dismantled at this point. 
  4. Thorough check of joists for any signs of rot or damage – if so, it’s time to repair this before we move on.
  5. Align new soffit hangers and install new soffit boards. 
  6. Install new fascia boards, barge boards and box ends. 
  7. If necessary, we will then install a ventilation system above the new fascia boards.
  8. Install new guttering, down pipes, and eaves guard trays.
  9. Replace bottom row of tiles (repairing with new felt where necessary first) and installing over fascia protection if required.
  10. The final step – clean and seal. 


We would always recommend going for a uPVC fascia board, rather than a timber alternative so that you can keep maintenance to a minimum and extend the lifespan of your roof.

To find out more about our high performance, top quality fascia board supply and installation in Liverpool, Wirral and Cheshire, get in touch by calling 0151 638 0909.