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What are the Advantages of Composite Doors?

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If you’re shopping around to replace the doors on your property, you have probably seen the term composite doors. They’re certainly a popular choice, offering enhanced durability, and weather proofing for the home. 

We install composite doors all over the Wirral, and customers are often surprised at their sheer versatility. Not only are they available in an enormous array of colours and various styles, their bespoke manufacture allows us to supply a made-to-measure perfect fit.

How are composite doors made?

Whereas uPVC doors are made from one single piece of plastic, composites are a mix of high-performance materials. 

They typically have a solid timber core, with additional layers of material fused on under extreme pressure. The result is very attractive and, because they’re very thick and well insulated, they offer considerable security and weather protection.

Will a composite door fade quickly?

Some materials are prone to fading, sometimes rather quickly, whilst timber doors require fairly regular maintenance and painting. 

Composite doors are encased in a layer of GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic. This seriously hard-working material provides exceptional protection from colour fading, prolonging the beautiful finish of your new doors.

Do composites warp like traditional timber?

Some homeowners find that their timber doors are at the mercy of heat and moisture causing them to warp. 

Though timber is used in the construction of composite doors, it’s encased in a number of very durable protective layers. 

It means that composite doors won’t expand and contract like other materials can, so you always get a warp-free perfect fit. 

This also removes one of the frustrations of having purely timber doors; when they expand, they can sometimes need a shove to get them to open! Expertly-installed composite doors maintain a good fit for years. 

Will composite doors last a long time?

These are high-endurance products, which won’t warp, twist, flake or rot. These qualities give composite doors a lifespan measured in decades, with very little maintenance needed. 

Usually an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth is enough to keep your composite door looking like the day we installed it! We even supply and fit our composite doors with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.

How secure are they?

UPVC and composite doors are both very secure options to protect the entry points to your home or office. Their construction includes the use of multipoint locking systems, so the door is firmly anchored. 

Because composite doors are made from a solid core which is overlaid with additional tough materials, they’re also incredibly robust. The doors which we supply and install are also CE Marked and are rigorously tested under strict EU Regulations.

Can composite doors have windows in them?

Absolutely! In addition to the range of colours and styles, customers can choose to include bevelled or leaded glass in their composite door. You can get the aesthetic look you want to complement your home, with the high-performance thermal efficiency and security our products guarantee.

We supply and install quality composite doors for customers’ homes, offices, and property across Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire, and North Wales. Call us for a consultation on 0151 638 0909, or fill in the online form to request a free quote.