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What Kind Of Windows Should I Install In My House?

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With so many different types of window available, it’s difficult to know what type of window is best to install in your home.

Replacing the windows in your property is a real investment, so it’s only natural to have questions about what’s best.

We’ve been supplying and installing new and replacement windows to customers all over the Wirral for years. In that time, we’ve seen first-hand that it’s always an investment worth making. 

Installing the right kind of window to suit both your needs and the property improves the comfort and value of a home.  

What kind of windows are available?

The marketplace for new windows is varied, so there is a lot of choice for customers looking around. What you go for is a question of personal taste, budget, and what you need the window to do in that space. 

What is a casement window?

Casement windows are incredibly popular. The actual casement is the part of the window which opens. They can be installed alone, in pairs, or even as a single casement alongside a static window pane.

Side hinged, they are generally easy to open and close, with the weight-distribution being similar to how a door opens.  

What are turn and tilt windows?

Turn and tilt windows are very versatile. Like the name suggests, once installed a turn and tilt window can be opened and positioned in a number of ways. 

This flexibility is incredibly useful for both safety and for comfort. The window can be held in place according to need. For instance, opening your window outwards on a rainy day using a top hinge helps ventilate a room, whilst sheltering you from the worst of the weather. 

What are sash windows?

Sash windows are a design classic. Rather than opening on hinges, these windows slide up and down to open and close. 

Though they were traditionally made of wood, this could warp and make sash windows very difficult to move. The sash windows that we supply and fit are made from uPVC, so they can be used easily, without sticking,

What is the most secure type of window?

High quality double glazing in well-made uPVC window frames are highly secure. 

Using uPVC to create the frames means that multiple locking points can be used between the window and the frame. This, alongside excellent double glazing, creates a much more challenging obstacle to anyone wanting to gain access to your home. 

What is the most energy efficient window?

A closed one! But, joking aside, the way that modern uPVC windows and frames are manufactured makes them very efficient. 

This means that not only are they good at preventing costly heat loss, they’re good sound insulators, too. Your home will be more private, and more comfortable as a result.

How long does window installation take? 

This really depends on the complexity of what you need, and how many windows there are to replace. 

Our installation teams are experts and very experienced, taking pride in our work to deliver high standards. If we need to spend a bit longer to get things absolutely perfect for our clients, then we will.