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As the name perhaps suggests, the origins of an orangery were historically used to protect fruit and orange trees from the harshness of the winter. These marvellous structures were an innovative construction that was largely synonymous with the luxury of French and Italian buildings.

Fast forward to today and orangeries are as popular as ever. The use of orangeries has now shifted to become a more solid extension than a conservatory which can be used as another room within your home. Innovations in construction have now made orangeries much more affordable and an apt addition to many homes. There are also many strengths that are included should you choose to install an orangery and we will touch upon these in more detail in this article. We will also discuss what to do should you be considering orangeries as well as what you may wish to consider when choosing your new orangery.

What are the Benefits of Orangeries?

Orangeries have a wide range of uses which are not just restricted to being a room.

As the foundations of the orangery is very sturdy, it is possible to use your orangery as a dining room or additional lounge area. Electricity can also be implemented so you can use appliances in this area. Orangeries are also extremely durable and therefore highly weather resistant. This will ensure that the orangery will not be damaged by the weather and will also be able to be used as a room for whatever your requirements may be. Your new orangery will certainly become one of the pinnacles of your home with many, many uses.

Historic Importance of the Orangery

As previously discussed, orangeries were a very interesting structure when they were invented as they were used to shelter fruit trees from the winter.

As these were seen as a symbol of wealthy estates, they were often used to show the gardens of a home whilst also allowing guests to see the collection of fruit trees. This has transitioned into the modern age as now orangeries are used as an additional area of the house and have been strengthened to be like an additional room for your home which you can enjoy all year round. These orangeries give the appearance of a traditional extension but also bring the lighting that is available with a conservatory. They are also constructed to match your home so they have moved away from glass and have adopted brick or masonry to match perfectly to your home. Should you be looking to extend your home, an orangery is the perfect combination of both worlds, offering the strength of an additional room with the lighting of a conservatory.

The Orangery Construction Process

Due to the fact that your orangery requires more resources and has a typically longer construction period, your orangery is a slightly bigger investment than other types of extensions.

This investment allows you to create a wonderful room in your home which can increase the value of your property. This is why an orangery is such a fantastic overall investment for your home. The bespoke nature of your orangery allows you to create an incredible room. Your new extension can therefore bring the wow factor to visitors as well as increasing your house value. In regards to the construction and planning permission required, Perfect wirral are here to assist you. We are available to advise you on making these sorts of arrangements as well as what you will need to consider when planning and thinking about the design of your new orangery.

We can also advise you on the internal finish that you will want to choose as well as any heating and ventilation issues that you will need to be made aware of. Due to the fact that your orangery is low-maintenance and long-life (whilst also being backed by insurance-backed guarantees), the construction and design process is smooth and straightforward. Don’t risk having your orangery installed by a company that you cannot trust! Contact the team at Perfect wirral today as we are highly experienced in the design and construction of orangeries.

Why choose an Orangery for your home?

There’s many reasons as to why people consider building an orangery extension into their home.

Usually, you tend to see that the brickwork and stylisation of an orangery is what makes this extension so popular but there are also other reasons as to why you should choose an orangery. As we have touched upon, the ability to add a new room to your property in the form of an orangery creates a practical fully bespoke room. The fact that the brickwork of your orangery creates a sturdy room allows you to extend your property. You can add a whole range of features to your new room, such as electrics or even a completely new living room or sitting room.

Apart from the practical features, there are also benefits included that can increase the value of your property. Gardens and extensions are often seen to increase the value of your property. Including an orangery which creates a practical and clever extension, whilst also linking this to a garden area can greatly benefit the value of your property. This is yet another advantage associated with this fantastic extension. In terms of the aesthetic of your orangery, you can also innovate with your design. You can include a variety of columns and pillars which can diversify your design even further. This cannot be achieved with other extensions which makes your orangery fully customisable and more personal or bespoke.

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