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Reasons to Change to UV Stable Materials

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The summer months are the ideal time to undertake exterior work on your home before the savage autumn storms return. This could range from roofline work, such as replacing soffits, bargeboards and guttering, or other essentials such as updating doors and windows.

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about exterior projects for the home.

How can I make the exterior of my house more attractive?

The outside of our homes can degrade over time, and start to look tired and tatty. Weather, environmental causes, and even the local wildlife can cause your home to look less attractive. Leaving the exterior of your home to wear can eventually cause more serious problems, such as dangerous guttering or other roofline issues representing a potential fall hazard. 

So what can be done? Well, a lot of the issues can be resolved by replacing less durable materials such as timber, with attractive composite or uPVC versionsThese are highly durable and hold their appearance for much longer, helping your home remain attractive for years to come.

Do composite and uPVC doors and windows need a lot of maintenance?

Installing products made from composites or from uPVC, instead of using timber, requires far less onward maintenance. Whereas timber and other similar materials require regular sanding, filling and repainting in order to prolong their appearance and durability, uPVC can be refreshed with power washing, or soap and water!

Can uPVC only be used for windows and doors?

It’s fairly common for people to think that materials such as uPVC can only be used for doors and windows, but it actually has many applications. As well as windows and doors, we supply and fit guttering, bargeboards, soffits and fascia, as well as conservatories

Is uPVC or composite a good choice on the Wirral?

Our little Wirral peninsula can be quite exposed to the elements, which can take a heavy toll on timber based products. Unfortunately exposure causes timber to warp. This affects the fit, which can become a major security concern, as well as a safety issue. Plus, it just doesn’t look that great! Using UV stable materials instead, prolongs all aspects of these fixtures. 

Am I restricted to white if I choose composite or uPVC?

We work with lots of different suppliers so our clients have plenty of choice when choosing doors and windows. This means that you can choose traditional white, or from a range of other shades to suit your decor and tastes. They’re all manufactured to a reliably high standard, and we take real pride in delivering the best possible quality and service. 

Are composite doors still secure?

Composite doors are very tough, and because of their durability they maintain that toughness for longer than standard timber doors. Our premium range are Secured by Design (police accredited) and come with a ten year guarantee for complete peace of mind!

What’s more energy efficient – timber or composite?

Because composite doors and windows fit better, without warping, they maintain a better seal against the elements. This means that less heat escapes from within, and also that sunlight or cold weather has less effect on the internal temperature.

Better thermal efficiency means that your house will be more comfortable, and your energy bills will be too!