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Ten of the best ways to use a conservatory

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You might have just moved into a new house that already has a conservatory attached, or perhaps you know you want a conservatory adding to your home but just not sure how best to use it. 

Today, we’re sharing ten of the best ways to use a conservatory to add space, function and value to your property – some are super obvious (duh!) but there are some ideas thrown into the mix you might not have thought of yet. 

  1. Additional living space 

Insulate your conservatory and fit it out with comfortable lounge furniture to create extra living space. The perfect addition if you entertain regularly or if you want to divide living areas – maybe someone wants to watch sports on Sky and someone else wants to catch a film on Netflix. 

  1. Dining room 

Install a dining room table and chairs, some atmospheric lighting and interior decor that compliments the rest of your home to create an airy, spacious dining area. 

  1. Home office 

If you’ve already got a dining area and plenty of living space, consider using your conservatory as a home office. Just remember to have some blinds fitted so the natural light pouring in doesn’t cause eye strain when you’re typing away on your computer. 

  1. Children’s playroom/craft room 

If you’re afforded the luxury of space, keeping kids’ play areas and craft rooms separate from their bedrooms is a great way to improve sleep and nighttime routines. So if you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your conservatory space, this could be just the ticket. 

  1. Games den/TV room

When it comes to good sleep hygiene, the same can be said for older kids – keeping things like computer games and TV bingeing separate from the bedroom is always recommended. A (soundproofed) conservatory is the perfect way to introduce this divide. 

  1. Cinema room 

A conservatory could be the perfect space to create your own at-home cinema experience or sports matches on the big screen. Who needs the pub when you’ve got your conservatory and a projector? 

  1. A home bar 

If you like entertaining guests or just prefer your Friday night tipple from the comfort of your own humble abode, consider transforming your conservatory into a home bar. 

  1. Home gym

With the right flooring and your must-have equipment, a conservatory can provide the ideal space for a home gym or yoga studio. You could even cancel that gym membership you never got round to using and invest the cash in transforming your conservatory instead.

  1. Indoor greenhouse 

Due to their glass construction, conservatories are full of natural light, making them the ideal habitat for a garden room or indoor greenhouse. Just don’t forget to water your plants regularly – it can get pretty hot in a conservatory during the warmer months. 

  1. Kitchen extension 

One of the most popular ways to use a conservatory is by extending the kitchen to create an open plan kitchen-diner. This is also one of the most evergreen and practical ways to capitalise on the additional space.

Before you can transform your conservatory into any of the ideas above, it’s important to get the groundwork in place and ensure the bones of the conservatory are in great shape. It’s all about those rock-solid foundations. 

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