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The Benefits of Double Glazing Your Wirral Home

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Though the double-glazing salesperson is something of a cliché, the products themselves are better than ever. High performance double glazing adds significant value to a home, whilst also saving cash on wasted energy bills. 

Double glazing is great for kerb appeal

 We’ve been installing double glazed windows, doors, and conservatories all over the Wirral for years. There’s a lot of diversity in personal tastes and building styles, so the products we supply need to reflect that.

The good news is that double glazing isn’t just a practical addition, it can be an aesthetic one, too. Choosing the perfect style of casement window, turn and tilt, or classic sash adds to the personality and appearance of your home.

There’s a lot of choice available, with a variety of frames and styles, but you’re not limited to windows. Double glazed doors, conservatories, even window walls, can all enhance your living space and add value.

Double-glazing is a brilliant noise blocker

Double glazing is made from two sheets of high-performance glass separated by a narrow void, and sealed into a secure unit. This is what helps double-glazing be so effective at stopping heat escaping, but it also insulates against noise.

Even better, this sound protection works in both directions! It reduces how much you hear your neighbours or passing traffic, and they can’t hear you singing along to the radio.

Double glazing enhances security

Double glazed units are very strong, and the glass is secured inside the units. This means that the glass cannot be removed without considerable noise. The units themselves are also highly secure, and well fitted to minimise any vulnerabilities. 

We all like to feel safe within our homes, or know that our property is secure whilst empty. Whilst any Police Officer will tell you that nothing will stop a truly determined thief, professionally installed double glazing does make window and door entry points more secure than older installations. 

Quality double glazing reduces condensation

If you’re waking up to condensation on the inside of your bedroom windows, or if you can see mould or condensation creeping between the panes in your home, it’s time to replace your double glazing. 

These usually indicate some sort of breach in the glazing unit, which is a sign that your current glazing isn’t performing as it should.

These problems are increasingly common with older style units as they age. Thankfully modern double-glazed units have a more effective lifespan. Improvements to the technology used means that double-glazing is now far more efficient at preventing heat loss and blocking noise, and for a longer period of time.

Where do I start with replacing my double-glazing?

Call us! We supply and install bespoke double-glazing across the Wirral, and take a lot of pride in the quality of our products and services. We also understand that not all projects are the same, so we help our customers get the best possible double-glazing solutions, at the best possible price.