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The pros and cons of having a conservatory

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Whether you’re house-hunting and looking for the perfect home which ticks off all your most desirable features, or if you’re just wanting to renovate your existing abode, conservatories are a pretty popular choice right now. Previously considered retro or slightly twee, conservatories have been making a bit of trend resurgence over the past couple of years in the world of modern home exteriors. 

Conservatories and orangeries are something we’re seeing pop up more and more on both new and renovated homes here on the Wirral – and for good reason too. There’s plenty to love about having a conservatory but before you go ahead and seal the deal (quite literally), we wanted to make sure you’re also aware of the considerations you should be mulling over first. 

The benefits of conservatories (especially on the Wirral)

Just look at those views – As conservatory double glazing specialists based on the Wirral, we couldn’t explore about the pros of conservatories without mentioning how they provide the perfect place to sit and relish your surroundings. If you live in a picturesque environment, glass conservatories are the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy the views. 

Let the light in – Natural light is something many people want more of in their homes and glass conservatories are a great way to do this. In modern renovations, lots of homeowners are now choosing to knock down solid walls in favour of extending out into bright, airy, double glazed conservatories instead. 

Bring the great outdoors in – We’ve spoken before about how bifold doors are a great way to connect inside and outside living spaces; conservatories are also an effective way to blend interior and exterior spaces. 

When the weather is chilly or it’s raining outside, you can still feel the physical and mental benefits of being closer to nature when you have a conservatory to sit in. It also creates cohesion between your living space and garden area. 

More reasons to love conservatories:

  • They add value to the home.
  • They don’t normally require any complicated planning permissions.
  • Extending into a conservatory is more cost-effective than finding a new home. 
  • They look beautiful! 

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The cons of having a conservatory

Sold on the conservatory dream? We don’t blame you, but here are a couple of things to think about before you make your final decision.

Are conservatories secure?

Thanks to advancements in construction and glazing techniques, a conservatory no longer has to be a draughty place with compromised security. 

Conservatories can now be made fully secure but for those who are looking for extra peace of mind, we recommend going for an orangery instead. The difference being that orangeries are part-brick, part-glass so can feel more robust and secure to some people. 

Just be aware that due to their construction and materials, orangeries typically require more time and money to complete than a conservatory would. 

Are they easy to repair and replace?

Some people worry that after weathering British seasons and through general wear-and-tear, a conservatory would be difficult (and expensive) to repair or replace – especially the roof. 

But the good news is that a conservatory can be easily repaired or updated when you work with the right specialists, whether you’re looking to replace damaged glass or install a new solid roof to make the space more energy efficient and private.

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Of course, any repairs or modifications to a new or existing conservatory will require expert opinion to ensure that the construction is safe, comfortable and within regulatory guidelines. 

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